Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Typical Monday I suppose

I always hear of people dreading Mondays. Mondays aren't really a bad day for me. Basically the same as any other day for a stay at home mom. Well, today I believe I experienced a "Typical Monday" to the outside world. The type of Monday people dread. Where everything goes wrong, where you are SO tired from the weekend. So today was a typical Monday, I suppose.
My Monday started in the wee hours of the morning. Little Gracie Ann decided to make a stinky diaper at 1:30am. So I had no choice but to change her. Of course she didn't stay asleep during that change. She woke up. WIDE AWAKE! But I figured she'd fall back asleep once we layed down in bed (yes, she usually sleeps with me after I go to bed). NOPE! She was bright eyed. She was making all kinds of sounds. Even laughing. I tried nursing her which worked for about 5 minutes. Again she was trying to stand up holding the headboard of the bed. When she was laying down she was flapping her arms and legs in excitement! She never cried (until i tried laying her in her bed). She was just wide awake. I would have let her cry...except..I would have rather had her happily awake than have the other 3 wake up from her screaming. I looked at my clock...it was after 2am...then after 3am...yup..i was up with her until 3:15am! Then Mya crawled into my bed. By 6:30am I had Gracie, Mya & Mason all in my bed. Jordan was at the foot of my bed at 7:50am. We all then slept till 9am. School is suppose to start at 9:30am (well, that is what time i'd like it to start).
10am...we finally got around to starting school. Only to have Mason be totally uncorporative. He was climbing all over the table, Gracie was crying, Mya was getting impatient waiting for me to explain her lesson. Jordan did NOT feel like doing school. (at least not with all those distractions). We got thru a few lessons. Then it was lunch time. Mason was again climbing on everything. He was extra fussy today due to a cold. I had the worst headache because I was so tired from lack of sleep. Right after lunch the kids were not getting along AT ALL. The words "typical Monday" kept going thru my mind. I just took some deep breaths...and continued trucking thru my day. I can't even remember all the mishaps..nothing big..but it seemed like every little thing was going wrong. Mason wouldn't take a nap but that turned out to be a very good thing. He went to sleep by 8pm with no issues. By 9pm...my typical monday came to a close. Wonder what a Typical Tuesday is like? Hopefully it goes a little smoother than a typical Monday.

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denise said...

I'm sorry it was a rough one, you are a great Mommy! BTW, I like the new layout :)