Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Terrific Tuesday

Are Tuesdays usually a good day for most people?!?! In my previous post I wrote about my "Typical" no good Monday. Today started out good. It started out by getting some much needed refreshing sleep. I woke up to the bright sun shining in my bedroom window. We all got up early (well, at 8am which is now "early" for us!) Ate breakfast and got ready to start our day. We were at the kitchen table at 9:30am sharp to start off our school day. We got down to business right away and accomplished SO much. And to my surprise we were done with school by 11:30am. Mason and Mya corporated greatly so I could really get down to business with teaching Jordan his lessons. He took in the info, did his worksheets and even took a test! The day went smoothly. I love days like this where things go better than expected. Later on in the day Jordan said something about how good today was. He actually said, "hey Mom, today was TERRIFIC TUESDAY!" When I look back over today, nothing HUGE happened...yet it still seemed like a great day! Thank you God for today!

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