Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Terrific Tuesday (again)

I didn't realize just how terrific today was until I was cleaning up dinner and reflecting on today's events. We reached a MAJOR milestone in the Beers household today. Mya started Kindergarten! I had ordered her curriculum a week or so ago and it arrived yesterday. Mya was so interested in starting "real" school since she has been watching Jordan do his lessons. She made it thru her preschool workbook the first week we started homeschooling. She was ready to start "real" school. So we started today. We learned to spell the color BLUE (say the spelling...not write it). Everything we did was connected to the theme "blue". She did great! While she was working on her bible lesson, I realized I needed to capture the moment on the camara! Afterall, it was a HUGE deal, Mya started Kindergarten!! She was so excited to tell Daddy on the phone. She told him that she feels like she's 5 now! (she's only 4 1/2). And I must add that I feel I handled balancing homeschooling 2 kids pretty good! It all seemed to go really well!

This next picture is what Mason was doing most of the morning. Sitting on our packed boxes (in only a diaper--his outfit of choice most days!).

Today was a GREAT mail day which added to the terrificness (is that a word??) of today. I got my Shutterfly notebook that I made (that i got for free of course thanks to a shutterfly $10 credit and Free shipping!), We also all got Valentine cards from my Nana which was fun to get. Then I got TONS of coupons (free baby food coupons, diaper coupons, etc) in the mail from a friend, along with a VERY encouraging note (which was very much appreciated and needed). And last but certainly not least, we got our "moving straps" that we ordered off of Ebay to help us with the moving. After all these moves we've never owned a pair but they "look" amazing! I will be helping Ryan load some of the big stuff on the truck this time so we decided to try out these things! I'll let ya know if they work like they say they do on TV!!!

Just a sweet picture of Gracie. She looks so cute how she is sitting. Kinda gross that she is chewing on a wet paper towel though. It was clean though..i got gotten it wet to wipe her face but didn't wipe her face yet!

Another big milestone was met by another one of the Beers girls. Gracie stood up without holding on to ANYTHING! Kinda hard to tell in this picture. I snapped the picture just as she was about to sit down. So I followed her around for a while trying to snap pictures of her standing up on her own. Finally after awhile I as able to get another picture (the picture that is below this paragraph). As I'm typing this (it's now wednesday morning..i started this last night but didn't get it done) she has been standing up a bunch of times!

So yes, indeed it was another "Terrific Tuesday!" I'm starting to really like Tuesdays. Mondays though, not so much. I do have to say it's been the trend around here that Mondays have went not so hot! But that is okay, as long as I can look forward to "Terrific Tuesdays"!!


Lillian said...

I love milestones, no matter when they come. They mark a new beginning and that is always exciting. OK wanna hear (read?) something funny? When I saw the picture of Gracie chewing on that towel, I knew it was a paper towel before I read it. How you ask? Because it set my teeth on edge! It is so weird, I didn't have to see it or hear it, and it still set my teeth on edge!

Anyway, congratulations on the milestones, congratulations marvelous Mya for starting "real" school and feeling like you're five now!

It sounds like you guys are having a wonderful time!!

denise said...

wow, what a GREAT day! LOVE the book, I so should have made one. The qs look awesome, and I need to know if those straps really work!

YAY BIG GIRL MYA! Congrats on starting Kindergarten.

Shawna said...

By the way...those moving straps DO NOT work like they say. sure they kinda helped for a few things...but not at all like they show on TV. They get 2 thumbs down from me.