Sunday, February 14, 2010

Our Valentine Party

I remember when I was in school, well in elementary school, how fun it was to have a Valentine's Day party. It was so fun to give Valentine's to each other and to decorate some sort of "mailbox". And also to eat lots of yummy treats! Since my children are now homeschooled, I didn't want to them miss out on Valentine fun. So on Friday, our last day of school for the week before Valentine's Day we had a party. I had filled treat bags for the kids, we made mailbox sacks for the kids to put valentines in and I had them fill out Valentine's for each other. I had bought a few boxes of cards last year when they were 90% off so I had PLENTY of cards to go around. I didn't ever imagine by the next year I would be homeschooling! I also had the kids write on different cards what is something they like about each other. That way they all had quite a few cards to read. It was a hit with them! We also decorated our kitchen with red, pink & white! We used construction paper to make paper chains, hearts and butterfly hearts! The room looked rather festive! It was a great valentine's party!!

Funny story. Mya woke me up Friday saying "Happy Holiday!" Then she told me " Happy Valentine's Day!". I reminded her that it wasn't really until Sunday. She said she knew but she was SO excited for our party that day!

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denise said...

AMAZING!!! You are an awesome Mommy, it looks like a FUN party!!!