Friday, June 19, 2009

Another day of being pregnant

Last night was pretty stressful. From about 7:30pm till 11pm I was having contractions constantly...but again, some real painful, some no pain just really tight. There was no pattern and no consistacy to them. But I was having lots so it had me nervous. I really didn't want to go into labor last night. Ryan probably wouldn't have made it home if I did. Luckily though, I got a good nights sleep and now the contractions have subsided almost completely. Once again, it wasn't the real deal. Which right now I am glad because I want Ryan to be here for the birth. And if I went into full blown labor I am not too sure he can make it in 5 hrs before I would have her. I just need to hold off until Monday then he'll come home and I won't have to stress about him making it here. I've been taking it REAL easy today. Just trying to keep things calmed down. Seems that the more active I am, the more the contractions come. SO that is my update for right now.

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