Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Getting anxious

I can't believe that it's getting SO close to having this baby. I do have to say i'm SO ready. I don't recall feeling this ready with the other three. I just can't imagine being pregnant much longer. I don't know how I can go all the way to my due date (June 25th) feeling like this. I'm really just miserable walking around. It's not that I'm SO big or anything, it's just that I'm feeling contractions and half the time it feels like she's going to fall out!! Which I know that won't happen...but it's still very uncomfortable. Now that she is head down though and no longer breech I'm SO excited about having another great birth. With an epirdural of course. I love those things! They make the whole birth experience WONDERFUL! I'm not a big fan of pain and I've had GREAT success with epidurals. With the exception of giving birth to Jordan. The epirdural didn't work and I felt everything, that was NOT relaxing or enjoyable. But with Mya and Mason, I was able to enjoy every minute. Definetly the way to go. for me at least. But anyways, so tomorrow morning I go to the Dr again. I'm hoping that I'm dialated a lot more and she just sends me to the hospital. It would make everything so much easier. If she doesn't Ryan has to head to Tennessee for work tomorrow afternoon. And he'll be gone till Friday. SO if that does happen, hopefully I don't go into labor without him here! I think tomorrow would be a GREAT birthday for this baby girl (who does have a name but I'll keep you all in suspense now since you've all waited this long! LOL)

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lori bunk said...

you are SO CUTE pregnant!