Sunday, June 21, 2009

oh to be a child again....

The following blog post was actually written on 6/21/09. I was working on my blog and labeling some old blog posts and I came across this blog post saved as a draft. I never got it posted. This was written the evening before Gracie was born. I was planning on posting it but I guess I forgot to! Just thought I would post it. It's funny to read something talking about the baby being born soon and NOW that baby is almost 1 yr old! Crazy how fast times flies!

Today has been PRETTY stressful so far. Ryan's truck broke down in Tennessee. He's there working some insurance claims. He planned on coming home tomorrow morning after seeing his last claim. Then staying home until after the baby is born. Well, his truck had other plans. Completely broke down while he was in the middle of NO WHERE (atoka, tn i believe). Got it to a shop and was able to get a ride back to his sister's apartment (where he was staying). They are going to look at his truck 1st thing tomorrow morning. BUT they are pretty sure it's the transmission (again...we've already had a new transmission put in last year). So not only a major thing to fix, but REALLY costly. So it's most likely not going to be done by Thursday (when i go to the hospital to most likely have the baby) so he HAD to get home early this week. As far as me driving there to pick him up....probably not the easiest thing for me to 5 1/2 hrs with 3 kids and one about to pop out. So he rented a car (another BIG expense that we weren't expecting) so he can finish seeing his claims and get home as soon as possible early this week. BUT he has to have the car back next Sunday. Hopefully his truck is done by then and hopefully i have the baby on Thursday. boy oh boy. So much to think about!!! So, i was talking to Ryan on the phone about all this. I was starting to cry cuz I was stressed and I was feeling bad for him cuz he was so stressed. When I got off the phone Mya asked me what was wrong. I said, "oh, it's nothing you have to worry about it. Mommy & Daddy are just stressed out becuase his truck is broken and we had to spend lots of money to get it fixed and lots of money for him to rent a car". Then she said, YAY....what kind of car??? what color???? see's all gonna be okay, he gets a NEW car. Then I said, well, it's going to cost lots of money and then she said, "That is good cuz Daddy is working to make lots of money!" Then she told me to smile because Daddy got a new car and is making lots of money!!!! Oh if only life were as simple as a child sees it. She did make me smile for a moment!

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