Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Baby update

I had my dr appointment this morning. I'll be 39 weeks tomorrow! I am bascially dilatated to 3cm (she said she could stretch it to a 3 so it wasn't completely a 3 but pretty close--sorry if it's too much information but when you are pregnant this is just normal conversation!!). The baby has come down to a -1 station which is quite a bit down from last week so that was good. I'm making progress but still not enough to say i'm in actual labor. I do have an appointment at the hospital next thursday June 25th which is my actual due date. They are going to hook me up to the monitor to check my contractions and also do a Non-stress test on the baby. They may keep me and go ahead and induce me or they may just send me home depending on the results. So we'll see what goes on this week. Hopefully I just go into labor on my own..that would be fun to experience as long as it gives me plenty of warning and I can get to the hosptial on time AND Ryan is either back in town or can make it back in time. He left this afternoon for Tennessee again to work. He'll be back Saturday or Sunday. But of course I'll let him know the second my contractions get worse or intensify....So that is the scoop on this baby. She just doesn't want to make an appearance it seems like. Although, I don't blame's pretty crazy and loud around here. She's probably nervous to come out into the chaotic life with her brothers and sister!

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