Monday, June 8, 2009

She's head down!!!!

This is going to be real quick...but i had my ultrasound today. Baby girl beers has FLIPPED! YAY!!!! She is head down and real low. Now if only the contractions would pick up and we can get things rolling. i'm SOOOO ready now...everything is ready..everything is in place. Come on BABY!!!!! I've never felt so prepared for a baby to arrive as I do now. Even for the ones that were scheduled inductions. So hopefully this baby comes in the next few days. I almost went to the hospital the past few nights...i was having bad contractions and just didn't feel right..but I was worried they would just send me home so I waited it out at home...and guess that was the right thing cuz here I am...STILL pregnant and not in active labor yet. So that is the update on baby girl beers (name to be announced after she's born!)