Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Fun with Friends

Yesterday was such a fun day! The Kids and I met Denise, Easton, Dalton, & Quinton at Fun City Pizza! The kids had so much fun. And I had fun visiting with Denise. It's so nice to get together. It's hard because we are both busy with our little munchkins and we live like 45-50 away from each other. But it was so nice to finally meet up. It was long over due. After Fun City we went to Hobby Lobby and looked around. That is always fun. It was such a nice day. After we left the kids kept asking if we could go to their house or if we could go to Fun City with them again the next day! I think they had a blast hanging out with the Slater boys.


lori bunk said...

well that blog completely bummed me out... wish i was there!!!

denise said...

yay! we made it onto your blog! we had SOOOO much fun, we'll have to do it again when we both are back in town. or a T run, or PI, or SOMETHING!!! now that we both are mobile and I am more comfortable going longer distances with the boys :) Love ya!