Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Jordan!

Bet you all didn't know that on July 1st, 2003 a famous scientist was born! Yup, Jordan Lee Beers is his name!!!! Jordan's 5th birthday was on July 1st and that kid has too many toys and there wasn't anything he really wanted so we didn't know what to get him. I knew he wanted "science stuff" because he LOVES anything to do with science. SO Ryan was in charge of going to Toys R Us and buying is birthday presents. WELL, I should I learned by now that if I send him, he's bound to go overboard..and yes, that is what he did. He bought pracitcally every science thing they had! A human body where all the parts come apart and you can learn the anatomy, a bubble making experiment thing, a space thing where it projects space images on your ceiling, a REAL teloscope, an eye clops (that thing that magnifies everything and you can see everything up close on your tv..kinda scary! i don't like seeing objects in my house that close, makes me want to clean everything even more! LOL). Let's see..what else...some other science experiement kit. As he was opening them up, he looked at us and said, "wow, these presents are getting amazinger (he made up that word! LOL) and amazinger!!!" Then he got a driver (a golf club) which he really wanted. So Jordan is keeping very busy and is LOVING all the science stuff. We had a very fun time at Chuck E. Cheese where he had his party. His cake was Indiana Jones. So that is his party in a nutshell.

I can't believe my baby is FIVE yrs old! He will be starting Kindergarten August 18th. That is SO crazy to me. It doesn't seem possible that he's that old already. It's exciting yet sad at the same time. Last night I was holding him in the rocking chair and he fell asleep! So I had to carry him to bed. I couldn't believe how heavy and hard it was to get him into bed. I hadn't really lifted him in awhile and man, that really made realize how big he's getting!

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lori bunk said...

my baby jordan is all grown up! that boy is so cute shawna lou... you did good! it's so cute that he is into science stuff, that cracks me up. maybe he caught your love-of-weather gene! i love and miss you girl!