Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pray for Blake's Mommy

A few days ago a girl that is on my shutterfly forum said her cousin Bethany was in a real bad car accident. She is in the hospital and isn't breathing on her own. She has a little boy, Blake, who just turned 3 I believe on the day of the accident. He doesn't understand what is going on. He was suppose to have his birthday party this saturday. I have never met Bethany nor the girl on my forum (at least not in person, just on the computer) but I just can't stop thinking about them. It's such a sad situation. That poor little boy and their whole family. I know our God is a healing God and I just pray that he will heal Blake's mommy. Please join me and pray for her healing. Pray for their family and pray for Blake as I'm sure it's hard for a 3 yr old to comprehend what is going on. My heart just goes out to them. I know God can do miracles and I believe that is what is needed right now. Please remember them in your prayers.

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denise said...

have you heard any updates? did you end up sending anything? I have not heard any updates on the forum - I have been stressed thinking about it too - esp since we are traveling in 2 weeks! Ugh - where was the worry free life before kids? lol! Seriously - I totally have been praying for them too.