Friday, July 11, 2008

Ice Cream Stories

Yesterday I took the kids for Ice Cream at Dairy Queen. It's our thing we do when Ryan is out of town and lately he's been out of town a lot so we've had LOTS of ice cream. Normally both kids always get the same thing, a kids cone dipped in cherry. Jordan wanted to venture out and get something different. At first he was saying he wanted one of those things that you tip upside down. At first I was confused. But then realized he wanted a blizzard. They show on the signs that they are so thick you can tip them upside down. Funny story...when I was about 12 yrs old or so, my mom took us to DQ and I got a blizzard and saw a sign with a girl upside down holding a blizzard!! So the BRILLANT child I was, I tipped it upside down and.......I had mint oreo ice cream ALL OVER ME! False advertising?? No...just a dumb 12 yr old that didn't take the heat into consideration, that it might possibly have melted the ice cream some. ANYWAYS...back to my new DQ story. The lady brought Jordan his blizzard to our table...and the second she handed it to him..what did he do?!?!? Tipped it UPSIDE down...and it started to spill! Yup, Like Mother, Like Son. I hadn't even told him about that story...this was all him! Guess I passed down the "not always the brightest" gene! Then he claimed that I ordered the wrong thing because he wanted "that thing that you can tip upside down". I had to then explain that they probably just didn't make it as thick as it should have been. He wasn't very pleased but didn't hesitate to eat up all his MINT OREO blizzard (yes, it was the same kind I had gotten when I dumped it!) While he was eating I told him my story. Then he asked if I had any more ice cream stories. I told him I did now and then told the story about him tipping his blizzard. He just gave me one of his many "Jordan" looks and said I wasn't funny!

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